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Andrea and Lee Vallely are the founders of Shift Happens Consulting, a transformative coaching and training company, specializing in business and personal coaching. 

Four years ago, Andi and Lee were hit over the head by the simple truth, we live in the feeling of our thinking in the moment.  This simple truth, articulated by Sydney Banks, known as The Three Principles, is the foundation of their work.  

From age 9 performing Hansel and Gretel in the school play, to singing and acting her way to the  University of Florida on a music scholarship, Andrea found the arts to be a wonderful means for bringing joy to audiences and fellow performers.   After transferring to Temple University in Philadelphia, Andrea produced an album as Andrea Lauren, which she supported on tour with other popular acts like Salt-N-Pepa, Freddie Jackson, and Crystal Waters.   Her vocal talents and ability to connect with audiences led her to doing voice work, radio, and a successful career in marketing.

In 2007, Andrea experienced an eye opening book,  Many Lives Many Masters by Brian Weiss.  Suddenly the focus of her life shifted dramatically toward a new spirituality that carried her through difficult challenges including the illness and hospitalization of her father.    It was in the waiting room of an intensive care unit filled with worry and stress, and surrounded by negative news in the media and the world around her that Andrea knew her calling was to make a positive change in the environment.    She became a spokesperson for happiness, faith, and optimism.

Using her own experiences, Andrea created a formula for finding happiness from within and began sharing this outlook on a homemade website.   As interest grew, spreadhappy.net became a popular destination for those who shared Andrea's passion for living happily.    In sharing her story of perseverance through her father's illness and his miraculous recovery, Andrea found the next step in her journey by studying with Dr. Robert Holden, creator of the Happiness Project and best selling author of Happiness Now! Shift Happens, and Loveability.

After a concentrated period of study, Andrea became a Certified Happiness Coach and Certified Success Coach.  She is also certified in Hypnosis and Past Life Regression. 

Andrea's blogging has been internationally recognized and she is listed in the top 10 of the Top 100 Self-Help Blogs along with prestigious sites like Psychology Today and The Happiness Project.   She is a popular contributor for MindBodyGreen, The Happy Starfish,  Cafe Truth, and The Master Shift.  She has been featured in the Examiner.com, Chatelaine, Natural Awakenings, and many other publications.  She has been heard on numerous radio outlets including Blog Talk Radio, Transformational Talk Radio, and is the "Happiness Expert" on the The Happy Hour at News Talk 1180 in Philadelphia.

Andi shares her happiness workshop at the world renowned Hippocrates Health Institute as part of the curriculum for their Health Educator Program.  Andi is also the mindset expert on CBS News 12 in West Palm Beach, Florida on Monday mornings at 9am.  On Friday's, join Andi for Andi's Angle on Rise and Live with Roby and Suze.  

Andrea is a registered Three Principles Practitioner and a member of the 3PGC global community.  She continues as a personal coach and speaker, working with various organizations, in the recovery field, universities and businesses. She is passionate about living from the inside out, and encourages others to experience their own greatest potential.

From an early age Lee Vallely was living a lie!!

Growing up in Birmingham, England, Lee lived in a violent, racist and volatile environment.

Feeling like a fraud, Lee hid his ethnic background from his peers almost his entire childhood.  in fact, not until his late twenties did he finally begin speaking about the subject.

This led Lee to believe some very limiting beliefs, that he was a fraud, unworthy, and didn't belong. Some people actually thought he may be autistic, as he hardly ever spoke.

Not a great start.

However this actually created an insatiable thirst for knowledge, particularly in positive psychology, and mindset creation of all aspects.

He became a bookworm, reading well over a thousand non fiction books, a seminar junkie, and obsessed with more knowledge of the working of the mind.  Lee is now a living example of what he teaches, and coaches others to have the best life possible.  Lee Vallely is a Certified Health Coach, Recovery Coach, and certified hypnosis and NLP Trainer.  Lee brings a wealth of knowledge as a highly experienced Health Coach, transformational speaker and coach.

Lee worked as a personal trainer, and later with Wimbledon young athletes as a mental fitness coach, developing their ability to have unbreakable confidence on and off the court.

Lee has studied with Tony Robbins and went through Mastery University and Leadership.  Lee became a leader for Robbins in 2007, as well as a facilitator for many of Robbins' seminars. Lee is also a licensed facilitator for Bob Proctor, the narrator of The Secret, and his Thinking Into Results Training program.

Richard Bandler, the co-founder of NLP and Paul McKenna trained Lee directly in NLP and hypnosis. Lee assisted on Paul McKenna's seminars in London regularly.

Lee is passionate about helping people create the mindset and energy to achieve their goals, overcome obstacles, and create such a compelling future that they cannot wait to get out of bed in the morning.

Come play with us!

[email protected] / [email protected] or give us a call, 610-212-5369


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