Embracing Change

Uncategorized Aug 21, 2013

Yes, change can be a really good thing for us all. Making the change can be the challenge. Is the challenge worth the payoff? YOU BET!
My dear friend Sasha has been through the ringer so to speak and has finally made the decision to pursue finding another job. She enjoys her career and is quiet well respected in her business–by everyone but her boss. For at least a year Sasha has been telling me of instances at work where her superior is doing his best to make things difficult for her. She has a wonderful work ethic, is very on top of her game, and it’s clear he is uncomfortable with that. After many tears, Sasha has decided it is time to look into other options. Over the past few years my friend has been recruited by other businesses, but always stayed faithful to her company. Let’s face it, there is comfort in what we know, right? Sometimes it seems easier to stay in any relationship- not just work. But in truth -how true are we being to ourselves by staying in a job or friendship where respect is not a top priority?
Sasha’s whole physical being is out of whack over this change. She is not sleeping, not eating, and her stomach is upset. Painful, yes! Worth it, it’s pretty clear that’s a YES too. This is a break-up, a painful break-up. And break-up’s stink. But the possibilities at the other side of the break-up are tremendous!
When we are not being treated fairly, the only person who can stop the mis-treatment is YOU! YOU and only YOU are in charge of your well-being. YOU can walk away from a relationship that is bringing you down. YOU can make that decision. Failed relationships are gifts. They protect us harm when we fully love and respect ourselves.
I know Sasha loves and respects herself, and here is her chance to stand by the one she loves. By walking away and breaking up with an un-healthy relationship, she is loving herself and living free. I am so proud of my friend for knowing that it is time to make a move. I am proud of her for trusting she is taken care of, and a better opportunity awaits. Sometimes we have to be physically jarred to be courageous. Change is an opportunity to love ourselves even more. The more we love ourselves, the more we love others, and the more love we have to give to the world.


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