Weed your Garden

Uncategorized May 10, 2011

Every day, morning noon or night, I send blessings to many people. Some I have consistent contact with, others are estranged. With genuine love, I wish for peace and happiness for all, especially those who have treated me poorly. You see, I realized as I got older, that I really am different than most people. Different to a fault, as I had a pattern of being easily hurt, becoming a doormat, and not really understanding that relationships are built on respect, and it goes both ways. I always thought that if I just love unconditionally, and forgive, everything would be OK. That is true. Loving and forgiving unconditionally are the only way to truly be happy, and truly be at peace. But I learned over time not to come back for more. I learned to give up the position of doormat, and walk away from relationships that are toxic. And I have found that like attracts like, and now in my adulthood, I am thankfully surrounded by positive, loving and grounded people who look beyond the...

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