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Quantum Leap Your Life Membership

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The only stuckness is in our mind.
It's up to us to understand how the mind works, which is our greatest fundamental gift we use every day, and most of us use it to our detriment, rather than to our advantage.
There are three fundamental principles that create our every experience in life.
"These principles explain that thought, not external factors, creates our experience; that consciousness makes that experience real to us; and that every person possesses innate resilience, or the capacity for new thought, through the in-built intelligence of the mind." - Mara Gleason
It seems to me that this is a game-changer.
If you want to learn more about what's possible for your life, join us. We are passionate about what is true. SO much so, that not only is it our calling, but our love and joy to share it with you.

In the membership:

  • Bi-Monthly virtual group coaching calls, the second and fourth Tuesday of every month.
  • Fresh, weekly content designed to help you QLYL! 
  • Exclusive QLYL podcasts
  • Access to our Resource Section .  You will receive the full Enneagram personality test, our favorite tips, videos, books and podcasts!
  • Monday Morning Messages (a weekly short video to point you in the direction of the Inside Out Understanding) delivered directly to your inbox every Monday morning. 
  • New eye-opening lessons and aha's every month!
  • Member discounts and special offers on live events.

After your first paid month, (we do offer a free trial) you'll receive a bonus course: Create Your Best Life-Story, a $97 course, complimentary, a gift with love for our members!  

All for $25 a month...filled with love, and dreams and everything that brings us joy!  

We've met such lovely people on our journey, and here is what they have shared about our programs:

“"Tuesday's group coaching with Andi & Lee have honestly become my favorite day of the week. Andi & Lee have truly helped me find clarity and happiness unleashing a new perspective on my life <3. I am forever grateful to my beautiful new friends for helping my heart heal and learn to love myself. I highly recommend spending a Tuesday or a weekend with Lee & Andi regardless of where you think you're at on this journey of life- thank you Andi & Lee for enhancing my journey! xo" Love you both!”

Caitlin Lockard

“Andi & Lee have changed my life for the betterment of myself and everyone in my life. They get to heart of matter quickly and painlessly. I no longer have “problems” I now see my life as a beautiful, amazing journey with ups and downs that I can navigate with ease and optimism. I would still be stuck if it wasn’t for their gentle guidance, compassion and intuition on how to help me get out of my own way. I am now truly empowered to be and feel my very best no matter what is happening around me. I love them with all my heart and I am forever grateful for their love and support. 💗🙏🏻💗”

Nicole Valentino

“I’ve had a lot of help from people I love in making the decision to leave my job as a CBS News Anchor and start something new. And two people who were instrumental in coaching me through it are the founders of SpreadHappy - Andrea Vallely and Lee Vallely. If you’re stuck or struggling - check out their work - it’s amazing! You can start here: ”

Suzanne Boyd

“What truly special teachers, guiding us in this wonderful way to see the world and our place in it. Being in a place of gratitude and love is absolutely life changing. Grateful for their lessons and perspectives and a for a better/happier/fuller way to live.”

Stephanie Hirsh

“Andi & Lee are the best! Not only are they great people to work with, but their insights are truly life changing. They have such a kind and caring way to show you how you can be the person you always knew you could be! ”

Eric Roby

“Meeting Andi has changed my life. She has helped me to think more clearly. She has brought out the kindness within me, and has helped me to share that kindness. She has shown me a different way to look at life. She has helped me to appreciate the here and now. To STOP obsessing about the past and the future. Through her I have learned to make smart choices. I have also learned to love all people who I pass in this life. No words can tell the whole story. I cannot put into words all the best that Andi has done for me ”

Debbie McCrory