Shift Happens for Teens

A weekend immersion in the inside-out understanding.    Explore the limitless nature of the human mind, and see our own innate wellbeing.  Everything we need to thrive already exists within us.

Upcoming sessions:

June 27th and 28th

Are your kids struggling with:



Peer Pressure


Imagine your child feeling:

Less stressed

More resilient



Yes, it's possible.

Most of us function under the innocent misunderstanding that our life has to be a certain way for us to be happy.  That is a lot of pressure on this thing called life.  Imagine learning the actual fundamental principles that create the human experience?  Imagine then seeing that the outside world doesn't have to change in order for us to be happy, content, and less stressed.  And as a result of feeling better, the outside world changes on its own.  You experience a calmness, and ability to think clearly.  Overwhelm becomes obsolete.  No matter what is on your plate, you are able to manage your time, and your state of mind. 

What's on offer?  Clarity of mind, compassion for self and others, freedom from our thinking.  If all of this sounds life changing, like something that all of our children should have the advantage of knowing, you're on the right track.  These principles provide us with the foundation for less suffering, more creativity, contentment, and peace of mind.  

Join us, Lee and Andrea Vallely, for a weekend designed for teens, to help them see clearly, function at their highest potential, and get out of their own way in a small, intimate environment.   

A message from Valeria Fabiani, who sent her teenage daughter to us to learn these principles:

After experiencing my own transformation coaching with Andi and Lee, I decided to talk to my teenage daughter who has also been through a lot in the past few years. Three years of therapy, medication, and many low moments,  she was done with going to tell someone about her life. She began coaching with Andi and learning the principles, and the change started. Today after only a month of coaching, I see my daughter smiling, no longer overwhelmed with school and friend issues. Thank you, Andi and Lee, for all the shifts in our life."

There will be plenty of breaks and time for lunch.  Your child may bring their own lunch or order, and eat in the break-room.  (Lunch is not included.) If you are comfortable with your child leaving to go out to lunch, there are plenty of places close by we are happy to suggest. 

If you are not able to attend all of the sessions live, we are offering a virtual option where you may join us via zoom.  


10 am- 3pm

You will be given access to the recordings as well, a great way to have a refresher on hand, if need be.  

*What you will not experience:  an invasive discussion about what's wrong, or an in-depth look at your "problems."

*What you will experience: the opportunity to see the real you, an in-depth, light-hearted look in the direction of your full potential,  your innate health, innate wisdom, and acceptance and celebration of the true, healthy and vibrant you.  

*What's included:  The 2-day course, one private 30 minute follow up session via phone or zoom within four weeks of the course, full access to our membership for parents and teen for 60 days.  ($275. value) 

Cost: $547.00


Early booking savings! Purchase now (before 6/19/20) for $397.

"Both of my girls attended the weekend. They came home really happy, and shared they have a different view of life after the weekend. Thank you for this gift, Andi and Lee. "


"So, is there a part two? Ethan wanted to know if he could go back! You guys rocked it! Thank you so much!"

Middle School Counselor and Mom

"My daughter really enjoyed the weekend. She seems really relaxed and was able to explain how she can deal better with stress in her life. She is much more positive and able to shift out of her negative thinking quickly."


"This seminar was life changing! My daughter came home happy! She applied what she learned and experienced to her daily routine! The stress was simply gone and she was relaxed throughout the rest of the day and night! She told me that she was grateful I signed her up and is looking forward to the next seminar! I am thrilled to hear that from her. Thank you Andrea and Lee for your coaching."


"I'm not letting my emotions get to me. My mind is a lot calmer."

Ethan, 13
Student of Shift Happens for Teens weekend

"I now know not to do anything when I'm angry. I give myself five minutes, and it passes. I come back to a calm mind."

Student of Shift Happens for Teens

Veronica's experience

Veronica is 14, and shares how this weekend has helped her with anxiety, and stress, and not worry about what is going to happen, instead, live life in the moment.


Kaitlyn's experience

Fifteen year old Kaitlyn, on day 2 of the Shift Happens for teens weekend. One week after the SH weekend: "I've had a great week. I'm not feeling worried about the things that used to bother me. I am feeling lighter and more positive."



Isabella is 13 and she shares, after one day of the retreat, she feels a calmness, and that she is going in the right direction.


Sophia, 15

"I've learned to be a lot more present, and not so judgemental with myself and my thoughts, and be conscious that they are just thoughts, and they don't control me."


Juliana, 17

"I am more relaxed, and I catch myself now, getting into my thoughts, and realize I don't have to process everything."


Stella, 14

"After learning these principles, I no longer worry. I see it's my thinking and I know I'm just experiencing 'weather', and my thinking passes. I feel confident and comfortable just being me, and no longer waste time worrying about what others think. I truly appreciate everything you and Lee have done for me."


Upcoming Sessions:

June 27th and 28th, 2020

Saturday and Sunday, 10a-3p

Cost: $547. Early bird pricing $397 before June 19th

Location: KHOSpace Wellness

550 SE 6th Ave., Suite 200

Delray Beach, FL 33483 

If you have any questions or would like more detailed information, please contact us. 


Partial scholarships available.  Payment plans available.  Please inquire:  [email protected] 



Early bird price: $397. Expires 6/19/20

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